The main objective of the PROTEINLEG project is to develop foods rich in vegetable proteins that are attractive to the consumer from the innovative and sustainable cultivation of legumes. The following specific objectives are defined:

Specific Objectives


To ensure sufficient and sustainable production of raw materials through the innovative, profitable and efficient cultivation of traditional varieties of legumes.


To improve the quality and quantity of the proteins in legumes cultivations through a multidisciplinary approach.


To develop vegetable-origin products, rich in proteins, through the comprehension of the interactions of the proteins with other food components and its consequences on human and animal feeding.
With the development of a model which guarantees the supply of vegetable proteins efficiently and leverages the ecologic advantages of the cultivation of legumes, PROTEINLEG aims to answer the increasing demand for vegetable-origin proteins, providing sustainable alternatives to animal-origin proteins. Furthermore, it will reduce the high dependency of the livestock sector on soy importations, currently the only viable protein source in feed production. Thus, PROTEINLEG bets on the proximity cultivation of traditional varieties of legumes, currently relegated to a second level due to cereal intensive agriculture and importations.

Sustainable Development Objectives

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